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Every weekend we curate a list of lengthy articles, important updates, and interesting reports. Not only do we find these articles for you but we also provide a summary and commentary on each one. This week we featured Learning to Work – A Helping Hand for Young Australians and The contribution of education to economic growth in Australia, 1997 – 2009.


Report of the Review of the Demand Driven Funding System
In November 2013 a panel was appointed to undertake a review of the current ‘demand driven’ funding arrangements for higher education and submit their recommendations. This report is the culmination of this review and contains the recommendations that have been submitted. During the review it was found that the demand driven system has allowed greater access for all students to higher education and as part of their recommendations suggested that this model should be applied to other educational models such as the VET system.

National Monday Update – ACPET
Each and every Monday the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) release their National Monday Update. This eNewsletter is a great resource for keeping up to date with what is happening in the Australian VET and higher education system. You are able to sort through the information shared by international, national, or state level allowing a keen personalisation of the resource to your needs.

5 Ways to Give Your Brain a Break Right Now
All of the studies show that you shouldn’t try to work on the same task for too long – your attention and levels of productivity start to drop at around 60 – 90 minutes. That is why it is important to give your brain a break during your work day. This article by Jeff Stibel, the CEO of Dun & Bradstreet, outlines 5 ways to give your brain a break:

  1. Take a moment to do something you love.
  2. Get in touch with nature.
  3. Be physically active.
  4. Nap.
  5. Do nothing.

Alternate Fee Protection Options for ASQA RTOs
The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) released an update to the fee protection options that are available for RTOs who are registered with ASQA. All existing RTOs and those applying for registration with ASQA are required to comply with on of the five available fee protection options as part of the Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisation 2012. The new standards for NVR regulated training organisations are currently under consideration and as a result option four is no longer an acceptable fee protection measure. This leaves option three and five as the only available choices for RTOs that are not administered by a state, territory or Australian Government agency.

Australian Apprenticeships & Traineeships Qualifications Update
The Australian Apprenticeships & Traineeships Information Service releases qualifications updates on a fairly regular basis. These updates contain information on qualifications that have been recently implemented in the different states and territories and their nominal hours. This is an important update for anyone who is working with Apprenticeships or Traineeships.

Australian Training Awards
The nominations for the Australian Training Awards close on the 30th of May. These nationally recognised awards are a great opportunity to show the excellence of an individual, business or RTO.

The awards are celebrating their 20th year and are hosting over 15 individual categories for awards. The nomination process is well outlined on their website so if you believe you know someone who deserves to be recognised make sure that you nominate them today.


VET Reform Stakeholder Engagement Webinar
The Australian Government’s Department of Industry and Velg Training teamed up to deliver a webinar for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), industry groups, employers and other stakeholders to have their say on VET Reform and to ensure that the training system is meeting the needs of Australian workplaces now and into the future. A recording of the two webinars are available on the Velg Training YouTube channel. Below is the webinar from the 8th of April:


Managing Your RTO – In-House VS Outsource
Making a decision about how best to handle the ongoing and evolving regulatory and compliance requirements placed on training organisations is an issue that most RTOs face every day. Do you manage it in-house, outsource the task or find a balance of the two? This blog post by Dave Cunning, General Manager here at Safe Work Resources, delves into the hard question of whether an RTO should outsource their tasks or continue to tackle it in-house.

Training Providers Forum 2014
The Training Providers Forum is an annual conference that is held in Perth. Hosted by the Government of Western Australia Department of Training and Workforce Development this forum provides a great professional development opportunity for those involved in the planning, delivery and assessment of VET in Western Australia. The forum will showcase examples of innovation and good practice as well as provide the latest updates on training and workforce development. The two day forum will run over the 19th & 20th of May this year.

Screenshot 2014-02-11 09.56.31

The Link Between Auditing and Continuous Improvement
Velg Training will be hosting their The Link Between Auditing and Continuous Improvement webinar on the 14th of May. The webinar will be presented by Carol Hunter who is the Principal of RTO Services and Consulting. The webinar will cover the importance of a best practice internal audit program to ensure that an RTO has optimised their continuous improvement. This webinar was a popular Master Class at the 2013 National VET Conference and will cover much of the same information.

What is the Heartbleed Encryption Bug?
Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past two weeks you would have heard about the Heartbleed Encryption Bug that has effected the security of most websites. This video by maskable explains what heartbleed is, how it may affect you, and what you need to do to ensure your protection.

Weekly Digest!

This week Australia celebrated National Youth Week (NYW). National Youth Week (NYW) is the largest celebration of young people in Australia. Thousands of young people aged 12-25 from across Australia get involved in NYW each year. How did you celebrate NYW?

Screenshot 2014-04-11 10.28.05

As always we have a great list of links for you below. Enjoy and make sure you leave any comments in the sections below.

Weekend Read – 5th April
In the Australian VET industry it is important to keep on top of all of the changes that are happening. One of the ways that we make this easier is our Weekend Read blog posts. Each week we will find two of the most pertinent recently released reports or articles and summarise them for you. This means you can take the key points away from these by reading the blog post or read further if it is an article that interests you. This weekend read blog post covers A New Partnership Between Industry and Skills and Refining Models and Approaches to Continuing Education and Training. 


SkillsDMC – ISC Upgrade to the RII Resources and Infrastructure Industry
SkillsDMC is the national industry skills council for drilling, mining, quarrying and civil infrastructure and has released a recent upgrade to the RII Training Package. In the announcement that they made this week it outlined that the update was caused by a small change made in the unit of competency RIIERR305D Conduct underground fires. The only available way for SkillDMC to make the change to a single unit of competency is to release an updated Training Package on training.gov.au.


Applying the Australian Core Skills Framework
The VET Development Centre is holding a workshop designed to increase knowledge of the Australian Core Skills Framework. This workshop is a great opportunity for VET teachers, educators and trainers to increase their knowledge on the ACSF, the impact on curriculum, individual learning plans and assessment in adult LLN. The workshop is being held on the 6th of May in Melbourne and costs $355.

“The Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) is a validated set of benchmarks that provides a consistent national approach for identifying, describing, discussing and reporting performance in core language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) skills, across a range of personal, community, training or workplace contexts.” 

Insight – eNewsletter from NCVER
The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) have released their latest eNewsletter Insight. This eNewsletter is a great way to stay informed of all the research that has been recently published in the Australian VET sector.

Evaluations of a School-Based Health Education Program for Urban Indigenous Young People in Australia
The Australian Policy Online website is a great resource for finding up to date research reports on a vast range of issues relating to public policy in Australia. The Evaluations of a School-Based Health Education Program for Urban Indigenous Young People in Australia study aimed to investigate the results on knowledge, attitude, self-efficacy and behaviours of a school-based health education program. The study found that there was significant improvements over time in knowledge, attitudes and self-efficacy.

Screenshot 2014-04-11 10.20.00

Unique Student Identifier (USI) Update
The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has released an update about the Unique Student Identifier (USI) that is to be introduced into the Vocational Education and Training system. The USI is a specifically designed tool that will provide students with the ability to obtain a complete record for all of their VET enrolments and achievements from a single location. The Student Identifier Bill 2014 has been handled by the Department of Industry and is subject to the passage of Commonwealth legislation. Once the bill has passed by the Parliament and received Royal Assent the Minister will appoint a register and full implementation of the USI scheme will be set to take place from the 1st of January 2015.

Safe Work Apps – All Your VET Mobile Solutions
If you are looking for a mobile solution to any of your training problems Safe Work Apps is the place to go. With a focus on cross platform integration and solving current problems within the VET industry we have developed Safe Work Assessment Apps and Client Connect.

Safe Work Assessment App is a tablet application that takes the hard work out of collecting and collating assessment evidence. Perfect for inductions or skill assessments of new hires, refresher training, competency based training, verification of competency, and recognition of prior learning.

Client Connect is a professional and affordable mobile and tablet application that is tailored to your organisation. It allows you to stay in touch and market directly to your customers to maintain your client relationships, quickly and easily.


Australian Vocational Education and Training Research Association Annual Conference
The Australian Vocational Education and Training Research Association (AVETRA) 17th Annual Conference will take place from the 22nd – 24th of April in Surfers Paradise in Queensland. With a focus on Informing Changes in VET Policy and Practice: The Central Role of Research this is a great opportunity for individuals who have a keen interest in the research that goes on in the Australian VET industry. With great keynote speakers such as Professor Thomas Bailey from Columbia University this conference is set to be informative and eye opening.

CSHISC EScan 2014
The Community Services & Health Industry Skills Council (CSHISC) has released their 2014 Environmental Scan. The annual Environmental Scan underpins all of the CSHISC activities and provides industry-wide insight for all agencies working in health and community services. The key insights found in the EScan are that Australia needs a national community services and health workforce development plan that will support industry as they address:

  • A strong and changing service demand in the context of finite public resources.
  • A shifting policy landscape.
  • Need for better training and workforce data.
  • Gaps in workforce supply.
  • Difficulty recruiting and retaining staff.
  • Threats to training capacity.

For more information and greater understanding of the changing landscape of the community services and health industry follow the above link and read through the 2014 EScan.

Taking the Lead E-Newsletter
The Service Skills Australian newsletter Taking the Lead is released each month. This months edition contains a re-cap on the 2014 Service Skills Australia Conference, information on the Workforce Futures Program, and the Customer Care for Housekeepers 2010. There is also information on events happing this month including workshops, webinars, and conferences.

Staying Connected in VET eZine
Velg Training has released the first edition of their new online magazine Staying Connected in VET. This free eZine is a biannual publication that features content that will educate, inspire and empower the Australian Vocational Education and Training Community. The publication can be viewed via the link above using your Android mobile device or online via all other devices.


Weekly Digest!

This weekend in our weekend read post we have explored what is happening in VET Reform as well as what training models work best for different educational outcomes. You can check this post out by clicking the image below.


As always we have a great list of links for you below. Enjoy and make sure you leave any comments in the sections below.

Training Providers Forum 2014
“Western Australia’s leading forum on training and workforce development” is being held from the 19th – 20th of May at the Crown Perth. The multi day conference will include updates on training and workforce development, examples of innovation and good practice, as well as great opportunities for professional networking and development. This is a great conference for all those involved in the planning, delivery and assessment of VET – particularly those who are practising within Western Australia. Early bird registration for this event is open until the 18th of April.

Screenshot 2014-02-11 09.56.31

Instructions for Comparing Training Package Versions on Training.gov.au
Late last month SkillsDMC released this paper to assist individuals in comparing the Training Package versions on training.gov.au. These instructions go through how to see the changes that have been made during an Industry Skills Council update and is applicable to all Training Packages (not just the RII Training Package). These instructions walk you through a step by step process coupled with screen shots and labels.

Elearning for Soft Skills: Practical Intervention or Pipedream?
Tony Sheehan from Ashridge has been featured in a guest post on Insources. The post Elearning for Soft Skills: Practical Intervention or Pipedream? addresses the digital learning aspect of soft skills. Sheehan outlines that “One of the most critical Learning & Development issues that need to be addressed in such contexts is the effective delivery of soft skills – the very skills that are difficult to deliver using digital learning in such areas as emotional intelligence, teamwork, resilience, communications and so on. Elearning design in these areas must therefore move beyond thoughts of compliance, training and knowledge of theory to instead focus on the development of individual traits and resultant skills critical to effective interactions between people”. He believes that by considering and implementing the following three core principles Elearning can be used to develop soft skills:

  • Build the foundation.
  • Connect to practice.
  • Reflect on continuous improvement.

This is a great read for anyone who is working with or getting into Elearning.

TAFE Directors Australia Newsletter
The TAFE Directors Australia newsletter is always a great resource for keeping up to date with what is happening in the VET sector. The latest edition brings us a bunch of upcoming events, more information on the VET student identifier bill, lessons on transitioning from VET to university, and the resignation of a long-term board member of TAFE Directors Australia. If you haven’t already make sure that you subscribe so you can get these updates straight into your inbox.

11 Steps of Effective Project-Based Learning in a Blended Classroom
This post is the fifth in a six part series by Thomas Stanley that is exploring the possibilities, intricacies and critical interactions of a blended learning model. The first instalment can be found here. This instalment examines the Student-to-material interactions that are an integral part of the blended learning model. He explains that integrating synchronous, asynchronous and real-time activities in an online lesson are integral for students to learn the practical skills that they will need in the future.

The 11 step process outlines how to integrate these:

  1. Define the problem and identify the information needed and find collaborative partners.
  2. Identify Information Seeking Strategies; find the most appropriate source(s).
  3. Locate and access information.
  4. Extract the relevant information.
  5. Synthesize all information.
  6. Evaluate the results of research.
  7. Communicate the information.
  8. Take appropriate action.
  9. Present program to teacher and classmates.
  10. Present program to identify collaborative partners.
  11. Assess action taken.

SkillsDMC 2014 Annual Conference
This year the SkillsDMC annual conference will take place on the 11th of September at the Sofitel Hotel in Brisbane. This conference is great for bringing together influential industry practitioners, government stakeholders, and workforce development practitioners. All these groups will be working towards addressing the skilling, re-skilling and up-skilling requirements of the drilling, mining, quarrying, and civil infrastructure industries. The conference will explore the following topics:

  • Quality Skilling and the Future Workforce – the Demand/Supply Dynamic
  • Diversity: The Evolution of Resources and Infrastructure Industry’s Workforce
  • Sustainability on a Global Scale – The Future Workforce

VET Students By Industry
The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) has released a great tool for exploring the data that has been collected about students within the VET industry. This great resource can be used to sift through data from NCVER’s three main data collections:

  • Students and courses.
  • Apprentices and Trainees.
  • Student Outcomes.

All of this data can then be narrowed down to a specific industry section via the following parameters:

  • Training package/training package & qualifications.
  • Industry skills council.
  • Occupation (ANZSCO).
  • Field of education.

Free Online LLN Indicator Tool
Our free online Language, Literacy and Numeracy Indicator Tool was developed to evaluate the users skills in:

  • Reading.
  • Writing.
  • Learning.
  • Oral Communication.
  • Numeracy.

The Online LLN Indicator Tool is an evaluation test that has been developed in line with the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF). The purpose of the tool is to provide an indication of the level of a learner across the 5 core skills as a starting point for training. As streamlined training packages are released and updated over the next few years it will be important to ensure that all learners are at the appropriate level across the 5 core skills by the end of training. This will help to make sure they have the skills to meet the requirements of the job once in the workplace. For more information follow the above link.


Flex e-News | March Edition
The National VET E-Learning Strategy brings us all the e-learning updates in their monthly newsletter. The March edition contains the latest in e-news, some great e-resources, upcoming events, as well as links to some great e-learning resources. If you are looking to integrate e-learning in your company (or you already have) this is a great newsletter to subscribe to.

Screenshot 2014-04-02 09.26.36

ASQA Update
The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has released their March 2014 update. The monthly ASQA Update is a great summary on the months top news in the regulation of registered training organisations (RTOs), english language providers, and accredited VET courses. This is a very important update for all individuals working within the VET industry to receive so make sure you subscribe if you haven’t already. The March edition is chocked full of the latest news including:

  • ASQA launches online videos to assist providers.
  • ASQA strategic review of Early Childhood Education and Care.
  • Increasing flexibility in ‘teach-out’ provisions.
  • Fees to change scope of CRICOS registration.
  • Adverse regulatory decisions.
  • Recording of audits.
  • Privacy Act changes.
  • Providing payment information – helping ASQA keep your credit card information secure.
  • Reminder – printing invoices and receipts in ASQAnet.
  • Recent NCVER publications.

Skills@Work Newsletter
The Department of Industry collate one of the most informative newsletters that are available in the VET industry; Skills@Work. This months edition has too much to mention so we will just highlight some great sections:

  • National workshops and LinkedIn group engage VET stakeholders on reform directions.
  • Back 2 Basics (fact sheets).
  • MSS11 Sustainability survey.
  • IBSA’s online VET Capability Communities – join today.
  • Training Package updates.
  • Upcoming events.
  • What Works for LLN – free online library of language, literacy and numeracy training and professional development videos.

SkillsDMC Chair’s Awards – Nominations Now Open
The SkillsDMC has announced that the nominations for the 2014 SkillsDMC Chair’s Award are now open. These awards are designed for companies and individuals to be recognised for their excellence in their workforce planning and skills development initiatives. The nominations close on the 18th of July and all entries can be sent to awards@skillsdmc.com.au. 

Weekly Digest!

As we near the end of March (already!) we are excited to offer 25% off ALL of our High Risk Training Resources! To get the discount simply head over to our webstore here and use the promo code MARCHHRW. 


This week we had some great links and you can find them below. Enjoy and leave any feedback in the comments section below.

Students’ Aspirations Significantly Impact Their Educational Outcomes
Is there any correlation between what a 15 year old wants to be when they grow up and the educational outcomes that they will go on to achieve? According to the recent National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) study on the effect that the aspirations of students pose on their educational outcomes there is.

NCVER used data from the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY) to determine that “individuals who plan to complete Year 12 are 20-25% more likely to do so, while individuals who commit to attending universities are 15-20% more likely to see this through”.

These aspirations do not only come from the individual themselves but also from external influences such as their background characteristics and current educational achievements. The results of the study suggested that lifting the aspirations of the 15 year olds will result in an increase in educational outcomes. Copies of the Educational outcomes: the impact of aspirations and the role of student background characteristics can be found here.

The Monday Morning Social Media Checklist
Hootsuite is a great company to follow for tips and tricks on managing your social media profiles. This latest blog post is another one of those gems that captures Mondayitus and social media requirements in a humorous light. Their tips for social media on mondays include:

  • Make sure content posted smoothly.
  • Don’t create, curate content.
  • Figure out what you missed on the weekend.
  • Browse and relax.

The-Monday-Morning-Social-Media-Checklist-620x411Image by Joshua Rothhaas 

Are You Planning For Growth?
The Australian VET Industry is highly regulated. When working within such a compliance heavy industry it is easy to lose sight of the business planning that is needed to grow your company. This blog post by Insources aims to bring this back into perspective by focusing on the “three horizons framework” to “provide structure for RTOs to assess potential opportunities for growth without neglecting performance in the present”.

The three horizons outlined in the post are:

  1. Defend and extend core businesses.
  2. Build emerging businesses.
  3. Create options for future businesses.

VET Reform: Stakeholder Engagement Webinars
Velg Training and the VET Reform Taskforce have joined forces to ensure that all interested individuals are able to make it to their consultation workshops. Delivered in a webinar format (thanks to Velg Training) these webinars will allow stakeholders that have their say on VET Reform and ensure that the training system is meeting the needs of Australian workplaces now and into the future.

The Webinars are taking place on the 25th March (Sold Out), 1st April, and 8th April. If you are interested in attending any of these webinars make sure that you register via the above link. These webinars do not cost anything and are an important step in ensuring a clear and concise consultation is undertaken with all VET stakeholders.

Thought Leaders
The VET Development Centre and TAFE Directors Australia (TDA) are jointly hosting the Thought Leaders forum in both Sydney and Melbourne. Professor Thomas Bailey from Teachers College will provide an Analysis of Low Completion at Community Colleges in the United States: Implications, Causes, and Solutions. Following his address there will be a facilitated Q&A session at each of the free events. This is a great opportunity for all who are interested in completion rates, their causes, and ways to increase these rates.


TAFE Directors Australia Newsletter
The latest edition of the TAFE Directors Australia Newsletter is chock full of goodies. Check out the array of articles available:

  • TDA calls for overhaul of funding to high risk training providers.
  • TAFE and group training sign MOU.
  • TDA elected to the Board of Community College Baccalaureate Association.
  • Bruce Mackenzie Fellowship Award.
  • Chance to support women in non-traditional industries.
  • NSW seeking head of international student programs.
  • TDA web conference: AsiaBound and Other Mobility Scholarships.
  • Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities for TDA 2014 National Conference.
  • Diary Dates.

Obviously this is a great read for anyone who is involved within the Australian VET Industry.

Tenders at NCVER
The National Centre for Vocational Education Research has released their request for research proposals as part of the National Vocational Education and Training Research Program (NVETR). They are seeking high quality researchers to conduct research that is relevant to the contemporary tertiary education and training environment. These projects should be pertinent to policy and the operations of the tertiary education sector.

This funding round is seeking topics for:

  • Quality, flexibility and responsiveness within the training system.
  • The role of employers and industry in on-the-job skills formation and structured training arrangements.
  • Impact of changing economic conditions on individuals and the role of training.

For more information and proposal templates click through the above link.

E-Learning Capability and Engagement Program (ECEP)
Applications are now open for the E-learning Mentoring Program which is the first phase of the E-Learning Capability and Engagement Program (ECEP) that is managed by the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET). The ECEP is designed to assist RTOs and TasTAFE to integrate and embed e-learning in their training delivery and assessment.

ACPET is now calling for applications from RTOs to participate in the program who have not yet implemented e-learning in their organisation or who are trialling to enhance an e-learning strategy that is already in place. The program will feature a mentoring program and an e-learning professional development series.

For more information you can contact Skills Tasmania E-learning Coordinator Anita Busch on (03) 616 56023 or anita.busch@skills.tas.gov.au or follow the above link.

The Australian Training Awards
The count down to the Australian Training Awards has begun and now is the time to enter yourself or others into one of the many categories. Within each of the 3 main categories (Individual, Business, and Registered Training Organisation) there are plenty of different awards up for grabs. The Australian Training Awards are a great opportunity to recognise individuals and businesses for their achievements throughout the year.


2014 Skills Tasmania Conference
The 2014 Skills Tasmania Conference is coming up again. The 2 day conference will be held in Hobart from the 2nd to the 3rd of June. The theme for the conference is “Riding the wave” and will feature Dr Marcus Bowles, Rod Cooke, and Marc Ratcliffe as plenary speakers.

“The conference theme and presentations are concerned with consolidation after a couple of waves of VET reform have brought significant changes in their wake”

More information can be found via the above link and the conference details are available here.

Friday Watch – Ziauddin Yousafzai: My daughter, Malala
This inspirational talk is a must watch! Reminding the world that women and men deserve equal opportunities for education.

Weekly Digest!

Yesterday was the United Nations International Day of Happiness. With people participating from all over the world it is a great movement and one that we can get behind.

Check out what you can do to help here: http://www.dayofhappiness.net/get-involved/#action or check out the great photos being shared on Social Media by searching the #HappinessDay hashtag.

Screenshot 2014-03-20 10.31.12

As always we have a great list of links for you below. Enjoy and make sure you leave any comments in the sections below.

Realising Our Potential – Widening Participation Through Education and Training
The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) is holding their Research Forum at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre this year. The forum will run over the 3rd of April and feature the founder of the School of Hard Knocks Institute, Dr Jonathon Welch AM, as the keynote speaker. The latest program is available for download along with further information through the above link.

Screenshot 2014-03-17 11.23.58

Weekend Read
Every weekend we curate a small list of lengthy articles, important updates, and interesting reports. Not only do we source these articles but we also provide a summary and commentary on each piece. This week we featured Closing the Gap – Improving Labour Market Outcomes Through Education and Training and the Retail Workforce Study.


Evaluation of the National Partnership on Youth Attainment and Transitions
Dandolo Partners has created a report for the Department of Education with the focus of the study on evaluating the National Partnership set up by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG). This is an important report that attempts to answer whether “the National Partnership elements, as a package, contributed to improving participation, engagement, attainment and transition outcomes for young Australians”.

RIIVEH305D box image

New Training Resources! RIIVEH305D Operate and Maintain a 4WD Vehicle
As part of the brand new RII Training Package our RIIVEH305D Operate and Maintain a Four Wheel Drive Vehicle is in-store now!

Follow the link to have a look through the product sample or get more information: http://goo.gl/Fge8Dm

Don’t forget all of our materials come with our Update and Audit Guarantee.

ASQA’s Risk Assessment Framework
Insources has brought us another informative blog post. The latest edition explores the framework that the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) uses when conducting a risk assessment in decisions surrounding non-compliances. The risk assessment process comes into play whenever ASQA is faced with the following:

  • Application for initial registration.
  • Application for renewal of registration.
  • Application for extension to scope of registration.
  • The receipt of information on an RTO’s operations or performance that may change the outcomes of a risk assessment process and assist the VET Regulator determine a schedule for monitoring audits.

This is an important read for anyone working within an RTO who may trigger the this process.

NCVER – Data Support Bulletin
The National Centre for Vocational Education Research regularly release their Data Support Bulletins. These periodical publications are a great way to keep up to date with updates on NCVER products including the AVETMISS Validation Software, the Data Entry Tool and the Competency Completion Online System.

Safe Work Resources – Weekly Digest
Each week we post a bunch of great links and resources onto our social media platforms. Our weekly digest blog post is a great way to keep up and make sure you didn’t miss any of these. The above link will take you to last weeks digest where we talked about session plans, VET reform, E-learning and much much more.

Digital Educators Network 2014
The VET Development Centre are hosting the Digital Educators Network as a way for VET teachers, educators and trainers to explore innovative ideas for the use of digital technologies in teaching. This network will allow access to a collaborative Moodle site featuring e-learning resources, support materials and a forum for discussing the current and future trends in VET course design.

Screenshot 2014-03-19 09.06.35

TAFE Directors Newsletter
The TAFE Directors newsletter is published weekly and is a great resource for staying up to date with what is happening within VET. This weeks edition covers:

  • VET reform taskforce on listening tour.
  • Queensland to revamp international education.
  • Crackdown on low cost student accommodation.
  • Education lifts productivity.
  • International training provider of the year award.
  • Diary Dates.

VET Development Centre – eNews
The latest issue of eNews by the VET Development Centre has been released. This publication contains an update of news, events, and project reports from around the VET Development Centres varying list of activities. There is also some great articles on professional learning and an intriguing comment piece around Teaching in a digital world.


Drive Your Business – Safe Work Films
As part of our stall theming at the 2013 National VET Conference we created a short video in our 3D Animation creation engine. Check it out:



23rd National VET Research Conference – No Frills 2014
The “No Frills” annual conference is the meeting ground for researchers and practitioners in the VET sector to come together. The conference is full of presentations, discussions and information sharing about key issues within the sector. The conference is being held from the 9th to 11th of July in Melbourne. Please see the link above for more information.

Screenshot 2014-03-19 09.39.01

Content Covered is not Content Learned
In this blog post Insources explores the different between covering content in the classroom and learning this content. The blog post is written in a capturing style with the first paragraph exploring an anecdote:

“A stall occurs when the wing of an aircraft quits flying because the airflow that causes lift is disrupted. There are many reasons for a stall but the main remedy is to increase airspeed by lowering the nose of the aircraft. The pilot of Continental Flight 3407 responded exactly the wrong way to the stall warning by pulling the nose up and accelerating the stall. According to the head of the pilot training program of Colgan Air, the stall emergency response was “covered” in the ground school portion of training but never practiced in a simulator. Because “content covered” does not translate into content learned, 50 people died in Buffalo on 12th February, 2009.”

- Insources

Weekly Digest!

The Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector in Australia is constantly changing. This week has brought us a large focus on VET Reform – an initiative by the Australian Government charged with consulting and improving the VET system.

Be sure to leave any comments or questions in the section below and enjoy this weeks list of resources and links.

Developing Session Plans Model
Session plans are an integral part of training design. Through this blog post by Insources we are shown the importance of having a strategic approach to creating these session plans. This strategic approach can be broken down into the following five steps:

  1. Rationale.
  2. Objectives.
  3. Activities.
  4. Evaluation.
  5. Feedback.

The blog post covers each of these steps in further detail and can be found via the link above.

Summary of Stakeholder Feedback from Canberra Workshops Feb 2014
The Vocational Education and Training Reform committee have been holding stakeholder feedback workshops since the start of the year. This workshop summary brings us the key issues that were raised and key ideas for reform from the multisession workshop held in Canberra. These workshops will continue to be held to discuss the strengths of the current national training system and areas where the system could be improved.

IBSA’s Online VET Capabilities Communities
The Innovation and Business Skills Australia (IBSA) has sent out an open invitation for individuals to join and participate in their new online VET Capabilities communities. These communities are online groups that aim to provide practical content, blogs and discussions that is relevant to VET practitioners. These communities aim to be a professional, informed environment to support quality practices within the VET system. There are currently four specific VET capability communities; teaching, assessment, industry and community collaboration, and system and compliance.


Trainer’s Competencies Vs Trainer’s Capabilities
What do you look for when hiring a new trainer? This blog post by Insources explores the VET Capability Framework that was recently developed by IBSA. This framework can be used as a guide when RTOs are designing jobs and positions and also to identify the gaps in a currently employed trainers skills. The blog post extends more on the differing factors of the framework and how this can be integrated into an RTOs internal processes.

State of VET in Australian Schools & the Need for Greater Links with Industry & Training Providers
The Hon Sussan Ley recently spoke on the state of VET in Australian schools. The key topics in her address was the current state of VET in Schools (VETiS), key ideas and concerns to come from the Minister’s roundtable, the next steps towards modernising a national VETiS framework, and the launch of TAFE scholarship program.

Getting Started with E-Learning
The VET Development Centre is holding a workshop in Melbourne on Wednesday the 19th of March. The workshop, Getting started with e-learning, is a great stepping stone for anyone who is new to, or looking to move into e-learning. The half day workshop will provide an understanding of basic technology needed to get started, a clearer understanding of e-learning, ideas of what may be appropriate for your organisation, and an understanding of the most commonly used “tech terms”. This workshop is worth 25 points as part of the Service Skills Australia Right Way Program. More information can be found via the above link.


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VET Reform LinkedIn Discussion Group
The Vocational Education and Training (VET) Reform LinkedIn group is designed to be a vessel for constructive discussion about issues on all aspects of the VET system. This includes input on how members believe the VET system can be strengthened in the future. To join this discussion group you must first request to join – your membership will be pending approval from the group manager.

TAFE Directors Australia – Newsletter
The TAFE Directors Australia Newsletter contains a range of stories, events and resources for your perusal. These include:

  • A round up of the TAFE Meets Parliament 2014.
  • Minister Ley’s launch of VET in Schools scholarships.
  • TDA forging closer links with China.
  • Nanjing delegation visists TDA.
  • Melbourne & Sydney lecture series ‘Managing Completions’.
  • New resources on inclusive practice in training.
  • A large list of Diary Dates.

The Free eBook: How Gamification Reshapes Learning
The Learning Professionals’ have released a free Gamification eBook. This eBook outlines the most effective uses of gamification in learning as well as containing useful gamification tips provided by 23 professionals.


2014 National VET Conference Brisbane
The program for the 2014 National VET Conference has been released. Whilst there are still some spots that have been saved with a “Coming soon” placeholder the majority of the program is already complete. With a theme of Impossible is possible together this years National VET Conference is sure to be another great two days put together by the Velg Training team. Make sure you register soon to receive your early bird registration prices.

2014 NVC Innerbanner- 980px × 170px V1.011

Skill Connection – Energy Skills Queensland
Energy Skills Queensland has released their latest news with the March edition of Skill Connection. This months newsletter brings you articles about:

  • Skilled indigenous workers.
  • VET reform stakeholder engagement workshops.
  • NBN revised rollout.
  • SkillsDMC training package update.
  • Video project that is promoting energy industry career pathways.
  • Queensland Training Awards.

As Work Gets More Complex, 6 Rules to Simplify
A great Friday watch exploring why work is getting more complex and how the old approaches are no longer working:

Weekly Digest!

Some great resources were created and shared this week. It is with great pleasure that we bring you the weekly digest.

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UEG11 Version 2 Training Package
On the 12th of February of this year the National Skills Standards Council (NSSC) endorsed version 2 of the UEG11 Gas Industry Training Package. The new version of UEG11 will be available on the training.gov.au website as soon as possible. More information and the draft version of the UEG11 Gas Industry Training Package Version 2 is available at the E-Oz website via the above link. 

SkillsDMC Regional Meetings
SkillsDMC is running regular regional meetings with stakeholders and partners to ensure that a dialogue about Industry needs is continued. These ongoing discussions form part of the ongoing engagement and consultation with Industry that SkillsDMC is conducting. The changes within the RII Training Package have been a large focus at the meetings that have already taken place but all regional SkillsDMC staff are able to answer questions and engage in discussions with all participants. If you would like to take part in one of the meetings register now via the above link.

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Links from Last Week – VETPD
Here at Safe Work Resources we pride ourselves on sharing up to date information and resources for the Australian VET industry throughout our social media profiles. Each week we collate these links into a weekly digest (much like the blog post that you are reading now). You are always able to catch up on the resources and links that we have shared in the past via these posts. Check out last weeks blog post by clicking on the above link.

TAFE Directors Newsletter – March Edition
The TAFE Directors newsletter is always a great chance to catch up on some VET news. This monthly newsletter is a great resource sharing a range of links, resources and news. The March edition of the newsletter covers the most recent events that are happening within the TAFE community. This includes:

  • TAFE Meets Parliament 2014.
  • VET reform taskforce outline concerns.
  • TAFE parliamentary inquiry commences.
  • Senior Chinese officials continue dialogue with TDA in Sydney visit.
  • Immigration Department welcomes responses to GTE review.
  • Launch of TDA workshops in Latin America.
  • Presentations sought for WFCP 2014 World Congress – Beijing Oct 2014.
  • Diary Dates.


VETReform – Stakeholder Engagement Workshops
The VET Reform taskforce will be hosting workshops in the capital cities throughout March. The workshops will be a great opportunity to discuss the current VET system and present ideas for potential future reform. Ensure that you RSVP for the workshops.

eLink February Newsletter
Did you catch the February eLink newsletter? This edition contains some great articles including Data in on hardware usage in VET and TED Talk of the Month. This is a great resource for a contextualised view on eLearning. Make sure that you subscribe to the newsletter to ensure you receive all of the latest information about eLearning in the Australian VET industry.


Foundation Skills Workforce Development Project Newsletter
The Foundation Skills Workforce Development (FSWD) projects indicate that the project has reached a wide range of stakeholders across the country and the awareness of foundation skills in education and training has increased. The findings from the evaluation that was undertaken include:

  • Around 520 individuals were involved in activities that developed practical workforce development models or solutions.
  • Many stakeholders were keen to access the outcomes from these projects and apply the models into different settings.
  • Most workshop participants reported an increase in skills, knowledge and confidence in the implementation of the FSK Training Package.
  • Information and advice from the Foundation Skills Champions’ Network was highly valued and shared further by individuals who sought it.
  • The project has developed high visibility among stakeholders leading to a high level of familiarity with the project branding.

For more information on these findings or on the Workforce Development Project Outcomes click on the above link.

FSWD keywords

Weekend Read Blog Post – 1st March
Did you catch our latest Weekend Read blog post? This week we covered Marketing and Advertising Practices of Australia’s Registered Training Organisations and Teaching writing skills that Enhance Student Success in Future Employment. These two longer pieces have some great take aways and are some great reads for anyone within the VET industry. So head over to the blog post and relax whilst reading these articles.

Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 11.16.18 AM

Manufacturing Skills Australia Update
Manufacturing Skills Australia (MSA) released their February newsletter late last month and it contains a great mix of news, events and resources. There are applications for scholarships, Training Package information, and a great video about reshaping manufacturing. If you are working within the Manufacturing industry or training in this area be sure to check out the newsletter and subscribe to get it straight to your inbox.


Research-Informed Teaching of Adults: A Worthy Alternative to Old Habits and Hearsay?
We normally refrain from posting longer articles during the week (who has time to read them!) and save them for our Weekend Read posts. However, we shared the NZ based paper Research-Informed Teaching of Adults: A Worthy Alternative to Old Habits and Hearsay? earlier on this week. This is a great paper that explores the ideas around research based teaching/training practices. You can join the LinkedIn Discussion surrounding this paper here.

Ed Tech is Poised to Go Mainstream
Technology is ingraining itself into every aspect of our lives and education is no different. This article by Sari Factor for Forbes explores the Ed Tech (Educational Technology) trend. Factor puts forward that learners can be engaged and outcomes improved by integrating technology into our education systems.

Here are just a few benefits of Ed Tech that were put forward in the article:

  • Personalising the learning experience.
  • Learning how to learn.
  • Putting students in charge.
  • Helping students disconnect from the Twitter-verse and spend more time on task.
  • Encouraging constructive communication.

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Making Sense of the National VET System
The Making sense of the National VET system workshop being hosted by the VET Development Centre will take place on the 28th of March. The workshop is a great opportunity for individuals to work on their understanding of the VET system with a comprehensive overview of the role of Training Packages, requirements of the Australian Quality Training Framework/Standards for NVR Registration (AQTF/SNR), and competency based training and assessment practices.

This is a great workshop for new or prospective VET educators to get a facilitated introduction to the complex Australian VET System.

7 Ways Games Reward the Brain
Playing games offers intense emotional rewards that are perfect for engaging the brain and keep us questing for more. This is why gamification is one of the buzz words in eLearning of late. Join Tom Chatfield in his TED talk 7 Ways Games Reward the Brain: